Only fair flowers

Sister Sophy wants to work towards a point where someday only fair flowers can be obtained in the Netherlands, guaranteed. This is how we make the whole world happy, including growers and employees. If everyone gets the appreciation they deserve, the world will look a lot better. Support Sister Sophy in our fight for fair flowers.

Only FSC paper

Let us be careful with the world we share with each other. Also careful with nature. It can be so easy. Sister Sophy wishes only to use paper and cardboard that is FSC-certified. Cut out of the good wood. Our next packaging should be 100% FSC.

Only recycled glass

The bouquets from Sister Sophy can already be delivered with a vase but manufactured from 100% recycled glass. This gives waste a second - and probably much more beautiful - life. To Sister Sophy that seems very normal.


The premium brand relationship bouquets